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Meet The Chiropractor

Dr.-P-MountainsDr. Pinto grew up with a love for water and snow skiing. These sports produced many small injuries that accumulated to the point where he suffered severe neck pain. This directly affected his quality of life and ability to participate in his favorite activities. Fortunately he found relief through treatment with a local chiropractor. He realized that besides giving him relief, it made his body stronger and less prone to future injuries. He also realized Chiropractic would be his calling.
Dr. Pinto completed his undergraduate studies at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He earned his Doctorate degree from the Cleveland College of Chiropractic in Los Angeles. He is in the process of completing his ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) certification. He has completed ongoing certification in caring for kids, from newborns to teens and up. Many of these kids suffer moderate varying degrees of physical, chemical, and emotional traumas which devastate their sensitive nervous system. Such imbalances can produce colic, reflux, ear infections, failure to thrive, sinus problems, allergies, migraines, and more advanced behavioral issues.

While practicing in and around Greenwood Village, Colorado since 1987, he has had the privilege of treating a variety of patients: from elite athletes, golf pros, NFL players, and high profile entertainers, to entire families. Regardless of the patient the goal remains the same: to ensure their bodies function at the highest level possible, which allows for best quality of life. Chiropractic provides them with that.
Through receiving the same type of care himself as he gives his patients, Dr. Pinto has been able to participate in an active lifestyle, which includes running, cycling, skiing and climbing all of Colorado’s 14,000′ peaks. Keeping patients of all ages strong and healthy enough to pursue their own active lifestyle is his passion.

Affiliations & Associations

  1. International Chiropractic Pediatric Association-Supporting Member
  2. American Institute of Personal Injury Physicians
  3. University Hills Rotary Club
  4. National Wellness Foundation
  5. Colorado Chiropractic Association
  6. American Chiropractic Association

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