If you’ve ever had a rib injury or a broken rib, you know what real pain and discomfort are like. Getting a rib injury can happen from many kinds of occurrences, including a contact sports injury, a car accident, roughhousing, a fall, a well-placed kick, and many other ways. The full manifestation of a rib injury or fractured rib starts with severe pain, which is usually made worse or becomes quite significant when one breathes, coughs, or laughs. What is made worse by a rib injury is that the pain flairs outward and usually encompasses inflammation into the chest cavity as well. This can leave the injured person feeling very vulnerable and discouraged, causing them to keep still and take measured breaths to a threshold that they can tolerate. Unfortunately, restricting one’s breathing can lead other problems, like pneumonia. There is also the situation of a separated rib, where a rib becomes detached from the breastbone. It can be just as painful as a bruised or broken rib.

Sure, it’s good to get checked out with a physician first to find out if the rib(s) is a fracture or not via an x-ray or CT scan; and to ensure that other organs aren’t injured, which will probably require an MRI. However, there’s nothing the doctor can do to make the ribs heal quicker. And, this may be one of those areas where physicians are closely regulating pain medication, so there’s a chance they may not even prescribe something if it’s just a bruised rib.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Treat Injured, Broken, or Separated Ribs?

Chiropractic Care for Bruised, Broken or Separated Ribs | Greenwood Village Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care for Bruised, Broken or Separated Ribs | Greenwood Village Chiropractic Care

Finding out a physician will charge you quite a bit of money for an examination, yet not fix anything can be a bit unsettling. Which is why it might be a great idea to consider chiropractic care next. Here’s what seeing a chiropractor might do for your condition:

  • A chiropractor might find that your rib is out of alignment and put it back into place, creating great breathing relief.
  • Exercising and manual adjustments can help correct misaligned ribs, which can be caused by an injury or even a pregnancy.
  • A chiropractor can also help monitor a broken rib and make sure that it continues to heal in proper alignment.
  • Perhaps the best therapy of all is communication because by doing so a chiropractor can discern the level of pain and plan treatments accordingly.
  • Even a separated rib can be popped back into place using adjustment methods.
  • A chiropractor can also help with determining how much you should rest your body to heal properly. Most bruised, broken or even separated ribs can take anywhere from four to six weeks or longer to heal. 

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