It really does help to stay informed and research alternative forms of therapy for those afflicted with back pain. Back pain is no laughing matter. In fact, it affects approximately 80 percent of the population over the course of their lives. It’s also one of the main reasons people begin taking prescription pain killers (opioids).

Winds of change have been favorable to the chiropractic industry. Only a few decades ago, doctors would tell their patients that they would stop seeing them, if they also sought treatment from chiropractors.

“I’ve been in practice 46 years, so in that period of time, it went from medical doctors telling their patients, ‘If you see a chiropractor, never come back here,’ it’s gone from that to… now the MDs will actually encourage them to go see a chiropractor,” said fourth-generation chiropractor Tom Rexroth of Rexroth Chiropractic Care in West Burlington, IA.1

How Chiropractics Serves As An Alternative to Surgery & Drugs

Chiropractics: The Leading Alternative to Surgery and Drugs | Greenwood Village Chiropractor

Chiropractics: The Leading Alternative to Surgery and Drugs | Greenwood Village Chiropractor

Here’s a few examples of how chiropractics have replaced surgery and drugs as a valid alternative therapy:

  • Some insurance providers are now covering this therapy, and in fact give it priority over prescribing pain killers.
  • Several years ago, nonprofit CareOregon that is contracted with Medicaid and Medicare funded its own non-medication pain relief clinic for those with chronic back pain. The results were astonishing, so much so Oregon Health Plan decided to include alternative services, including acupuncture, chiropractic care and physical therapy statewide.
  • One patient’s goals in the CareOregon clinic was to make it possible to walk around the block again. Instead of prescribing addictive pain killing drugs, the patient was given physical therapy. The therapy eventually worked, and the patient began making it around the block.
  • As a result of CareOregon’s efforts, opioid prescriptions are down in Oregon.
  • Furthermore, improvements in imaging technology has shown that chiropractic treatment can, in some cases, be an effective alternative to surgery.
  • The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation also adopted a spinal fusion rule to cut down on unnecessary surgeries and opioid prescriptions. The rule mandates that workers must undergo 60 days of conservative care, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, rest, anti-inflammatories, ice and/or heat, and other non-surgical forms of care. Wyoming and Washington have also adopted similar guidelines.

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