While there are a variety of different types of headaches that can affect you they all share a similar characteristic, they cause pain.

The most common type of headache that people experience are tension based headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. These tend to be chronic for a large portion of the population.

Tension headaches are usually described as a dull headache that is sensed throughout your entire head. People also report a sensitivity around the neck as well as shoulders scalp and forehead. Stress tends to be the major trigger for these types of headaches.

Migraine headaches tend to involve just one portion of your head. People report these headaches as affecting the left, right, front, or back portions and are usually described as stemming from deep inside the brain. It’s not unusual for clients to report severe migraines that lasts for days, affects their vision, and creates an aura around them that makes it difficult to see clearly. For migraine sufferers, this type of headache is quite debilitating and in the worst cases leads to nausea and vomiting.

Cluster headaches are reported to typically be a piercing type of headache that occurs behind a person’s eye. The reason why they are called clusters is that they tend to come and go in brief periods. Patients have reported having them for 15 minutes up to a couple of hours before they go away and then return the same day. Some will experience this type of headache for weeks or even months. Understanding what type of headache you have and properly diagnosing it will help in tailoring a plan to help you live symptom-free.

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