Fibromyalgia Handled after Years of Searching

When I first came to Dr. Pinto, I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had sought several different treatments prior with little to no results or improvement in how I felt. It was affecting my life to the point where I could not walk right, lift weight, stand up straight, with intense pain at times and muscular stiffness. Dr. Pinto ran some tests and found that my nerves and my brain are out of balance. Over the course of treatment I have not been locked up like the day that I came to Dr. Pinto. I no longer hold on to the railing going up and down the stairs, my balance seems to be better, less pain and less muscle stiffness. I have sought no other treatment than chiropractic care during the last two months. My life is better knowing that from day to day I don’t have to suffer the pain that I was going through. Someone finally made sense of my senseless ailment. Thank you Dr. Pinto.

Happy patient,
Darcy Morgan

Back pain relieved and golf game improved

“Many years ago, after back surgery and later a car accident I started my care with Dr. Pinto. It was not an instantaneous recovery and it took and continues to take many adjustments, exercise and a commitment to the process for me to feel the best I can physically and emotionally. My husband never believed or had any interest in chiropractors. But after a painful sciatica after golfing, he relented and said he would try it. Again, he also found the adjustments and continued encouragement from Dr. Pinto to have his body feel the best it could.

We are both in our sixties and absolutely know our care with Dr. Pinto is truly part of our lives to stay healthy and happy as we grow older.”

Al & Mary Steinkamp

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